Legal Disclaimer

The Health Legalese website is intended to provide information of general interest to the public. This website does not offer legal advice about specific situations or problems. If you have legal issues requiring attention, you should consult an attorney. As much as you probably do not want to contact an attorney, sometimes it is necessary. Otherwise, no one would tolerate their existence.

Nothing on this site creates an express or implied contract. Health Legalese does not intend to create an attorney-client relationship by hosting this site, posting general information, and/or inviting you to contact us. Unless and until there is some sort of written agreement between you and Health Legalese, Health Legalese does not owe you any duties, including any duty to keep communications confidential or any duty to protect your interests. Health Legalese cannot guarantee that anything you send via this website and/or without a first establishing an attorney-client relationship will be kept confidential. Blah, blah, blah. To make this easier, do not assume anything will be privileged or kept confidential unless and until you get something from the attorney saying it will and explaining in more detail what that means and how that works. Even with such an agreement, Health Legalese cannot guarantee the security of anything you send us via this website. If you have something confidential to communicate to Health Legalese, say that in your e-mail and/or contact form submission—WITHOUT ACTUALLY INCLUDING THE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION—and the Health Legalese attorney will let you know how best to proceed with communicating directly with her.

Also, please do not make any life decisions based on what you read on this website (or probably any website, for that matter). There are likely very few things that change more frequently than law and healthcare. Health Legalese does not necessarily update the information on this website as quickly as that information may change. If that were the case, Cait would probably never get any actual lawyering done.

TLDR: (1) There is no attorney-client relationship unless/until you and Health Legalese agree that there is. (2) The Internet may not be secure [*gasp*], so exercise caution and common sense in electronic communications. (3) Do not make life decisions based on what some website says.